Mould construction: the tool for injection moulding

Mould construction is the step after the engineering stage. Any obstacles have been solved, so we can start making the mould. To do so, we use expert external toolmakers around the globe. We choose the mould builder based on, among other things, your requirements in terms of accuracy, amounts and cycle time.

Critical efficiency requirements

We are accustomed to working with the requirements of the automotive industries, one of the most-demanding industries in the world. Combined with our extensive experience, we offer the mould that best fits your product and budget.

Internal workshop for moulds

In our internal workshop, we analyse faults and repair your moulds. Our toolmakers ensure that your moulds remain in great condition.

Mould flow: software-based test injections

Before we create the mould, we can also test inject your product on a software basis by means of a mould flow. The software calculates whether your product will come out of the mould properly based on all plastic properties.

Fire-proof storage

All production moulds are stored in our fire-proof mould vault. Your mould will be in good hands.

Questions about mould construction?

Would you like to know more about the options we can offer in terms of mould construction? Please contact us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.