2K injection moulding: injection moulding a product using 2 materials

Sometimes we require two injection steps for injection moulding. This is called 2K injection moulding. Examples of 2K injection moulding are, for example, products made from hard plastic with a soft edge. With this twofold injection moulding technique, we manufacture complete products in 2 steps.

Different applications

2K injection moulding is perfect for combining hard and soft plastics, but also if you want to combine two colours of plastic in one mould.

Special moulds with two product cavities

For this form of injection moulding, we make moulds with two product cavities. During the production process, we inject plastic in one cavity. Once this hardens, the mould will turn and we will inject the plastic into the other cavity.

Saving on costs

Apart from the functional or exterior properties, 2K injection moulding can also save on the cost price of your product. By combining injection moulding processes and assembly steps into one injection moulding process, the cost price is usually lower.

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