Micro moulding: injection moulding with minimum dimensions

Products get smaller and smaller. With micro moulding, we injection mould products from a weight of 0.004 grams. One grain of ABS gives us enough plastic to injection mould three products. We are also the right place for injection moulding products with micro dimensions.

Mould design is crucial for micro moulding

The design of the mould is crucial for micro moulding. When it involves these tiny dimensions, we often use multiple moulds for injection moulding the products. This ensures you will have the right dimensions and the right quality.

Measurement reports for micro dimensions

Our primary goal is to injection mould the products using micro moulding according to your exact specifications. Dimensions are extremely important for micro products. We gladly draw up the corresponding measurement reports for you.

Would you like injection moulding for a small product?

We have ample experience with micro moulding at GL Plastics. We will gladly show you the options for your concept or product. Contact us for more information.

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